Product Outline



A Product that Uses A.I. Computer Vision Technology to Estimate and Use Human Posture

Identifies human bone structure and joints by inserted pictures and videos
Memorizes the identified bone structure and movements
Prepares the memorized movements
  • ・how does the body move afterwards
  • ・how did the body move before
  • ・what is the meaning of this movement
Based on the induction by Judgement, Understanding and Analysis of the above points, we provide helpful services for your everyday life and for your business


Providing a framework
Providing a Pose Estimation Online
Providing API

Development facilities


Things you can do with the estimation of human posture

Record and preserve property called "movement"
  • Yoga
  • Traditional entertainment
  • Dance
  • Martial arts
Estimation of face expression & situation based on movements
  • Smile estimation
  • Lie detection
  • Shoplift detection
  • Injury prediction
  • Illness prediction
  • Sexual analysis
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Fighting strength judgement
Estimation of attributes based on movements
  • Shop store marketing
  • Human recognition
Direct use of movement estimation
  • Baseball, estimation of type of pitch
  • Theft detection
  • Rock, paper, scissors, invincibility
  • Fraud detection
Re-evaluation of movement recording
  • Golf form improvement
  • Baseball pitching form improvement

System Service Function

Main Functions

  • Detection of (human) people by picture / videos(estimation)

    Singularity TigerIgnores other objects and only detects human subjects

  • Detection of bone structure and joints(estimation)

    Singularity TigerDetects human bone structure and joints(estimation)

  • Detection of posture and movements(estimation)

    Singularity TigerDetects human posture and movements(estimation)

  • Save information about posture
  • Compares and examines the saved posture data

Performance Improvement Function

  • Network conversion based on estimated goal

    Singularity TigerChanging to a dynamic, best fitting network (estimated engine) in proportion to the purpose of use of the posture detection/estimation

  • Joint and expansion setting based on estimated goal

    Singularity TigerExtended detection of face expression, mouth and eyes for detection (estimation) of changes in face expression

    Singularity TigerExtended detection of finger joint for detection (estimation) of gestures

    Singularity TigerExtended detection of ankle joint for detection (estimation) of leg movements

  • dynamic conversion of a learning model for an improved accuracy

    Singularity TigerObserving the learning results and the dynamic conversion of the learning model for an improved accuracy

Usability Improvement Function

  • Settings for an improved visibility of Visualization Information

    Singularity TigerChange of Color code settings of bone structure, joint display information

    Singularity TigerChange of overlay transparency settings for former pictures

  • Providing API

    Singularity TigerThe use of the above functions through API

Use Case

  • Fields where body movements are heavily used(dancing、martial arts、sports in general)
  • Judge a situation by the movements、investigate the use in crime-preventing, medical field, customer satisfaction and congeniality as well as in the entertainment sector
  • By detecting peoples attributes by their movements, information about the buyers attributes can be gained fast
  • Use of registered customer service based on the confirmation of the peoples attributes
  • Decisive characteristics of movements can be used for specific goals
  • Training based on the comparison of “before-and after” pictures of movements

For all of the above-mentioned fields, this technology can be used

Based on the outstanding performance of pose estimation, it speedens up, supports, provides high accuracy to other engines, worked by certification, detection and recognition of A.I

Singularity Tiger is Ready To Start A.I.

Singularity Tiger

The Artificial Intelligence product "Singularity Tiger"(machine learning framework) is a framework, that combines multiple machine learning frameworks. It uses TIGER EYE (Pose estimation A.I. boost) Technology, operates multiple machine learning frameworks at the same time and provides functions such as a higher accuracy of the result, an estimate of the pattern, detection of disorders and defections.

Singularity Tech Service Contents



    Based on the outstanding performance of pose estimation, it speedens up, supports, provides high accuracy to other engines, worked by certification, detection and recognition of A.I.


    • - Cloud of A.I. solutions
    • - Increase speed of existing frameworks
    • - Use of multiple frameworks similarily
    • - Between frameworks
    • - Reusing of Data
    Singularity Tiger

Development & Maintenance for A.I.

  • Developing of existing A.I Frameworks

    Developing of existing A.I Frameworks

  • A.I. Tuning

    A.I. Tuning